ClanWar results

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ClanWar results

Post by Mkjagers on Thu May 03, 2018 12:53 pm

ClanWar results

Played: 7     Won: 5     Lose: 2
ClanWar?v?ScoreWon/LosePlayers {TpC}Players OpponentDate
{TpC} VS TA|3v311-5Won{TpC}Twistty, {TpC}MutdaFucka and {TpC}MKjagersTA|Jam^, TA|HitMan and TA|Gumka09-04-18
-KKZ- VS {TpC}2v211-9Lose{TpC}Twistty and {TpC}MutdaFucka-KKZ-Ksa and -KKZ-Ray)09-04-18
[CV] VS {TpC}2v24-11Won{TpC}MKjagers, {TpC}MutdaFucka and {TpC}Twistty ({TpC}Twistty was reserve)[CV]aasba^, [CV]MaTr!x and [CV]Gamg ([CV]Gamg was reserve)02-05-18
ReturN// VS {TpC}2v29-11Won{TpC}Twistty, {TpC}nul3k6ReturN//CCCarl), ReturN//volcano03-05-18
|mN| VS {TpC}2v25-15Won{TpC}Twistty, {TpC}Rhino|mN|Mo, |mN|DaY04-05-18
Pwn. VS {TpC}3v314-6Lose{TpC}Twistty, {TpC}Rhino, {TpC}nul3k6Pwn.FanWodowy, Pwn.Prototype, Pwn.Dev04-05-18
KekZ VS {TpC}2v29-11Won{TpC}Twistty and {TpC}Rhino,KekZ|Ryuzakilawliet and KekZ|Ka/\/\urAAA^..05-05-18


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